Total Football Games

We create games throughout the World Cup!

What We Do?

World Cup 2014!  1 Month, 32 Countries, 80 Matches, and  8 HTML5 Games!
To celebrate this great moment for all Football fans around the world,  Tempa Labs  will match this level of excitement by creating exciting football themed HTML5 games, throughout the month!
We will finish two polished HTML5 games per week, and share all our games here so you can play them for free!
Check this site often for more update and games!  Wish us luck! :)

Play our football themed games here! More games will come soon!

Goal Champion
Game 1
Goal Champion
Goalie Champ
Game 2
Goalie Champ
Freestyle Juggler
Game 3
In Process
Tiki Taka Run
Game 4
In Process
Ball Ball
Game 5
In Process
Head On
Game 6
In Process
Old Ball Dice
Game 7
In Process
Peace Cheer
Game 8
In Process

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