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Tiled Quest is now released on Google Play & Amazon App Store!

Category : BlogNo Comments 路 by Jan 5th, 2016

We just want to share a happy news! Tiled Quest is now released on Google Play & Amazon App Store! 馃榾

Tiled Quest Mobile

It’s been quite some time since our last update because we continue to polish the games, adding new level, implement Google Play feature (achievement and highscore), etc. At last it pay off now! 馃檪
You can check and download them here:
– Google Play:聽http://j.mp/tiledquest
– Amazon App Store:聽http://j.mp/tiledquest_amazon

Do let me know if your have any feedback/bug report! Your support will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your support!

Tiled Quest, a Game Jam Entry by Doa Ibu

Category : BlogNo Comments 路 by Aug 18th, 2015
Tiled Quest, a Game Jam Entry by Doa Ibu

Just after the IN.Game Festival over, we continue to attend the IN.GAME Jam. It’s 48-hours game jam event where we…

Siege Goes To IN.GAME Festival

Category : BlogNo Comments 路 by Aug 15th, 2015
Siege Goes To IN.GAME Festival

We are just coming back from attending IN.GAME Festival, a festival for all indie games developer in Indonesia! We are…

HTML5 Mobile Games and Cocoon.IO

Category : Blog(4) Comments 路 by Aug 3rd, 2015
HTML5 Mobile Games and Cocoon.IO

Soo…. short while after we developing and playtesting Siege!, it’s come to our mind that it play so well, it…

New Project: Siege

Category : Blog(1) Comment 路 by Aug 1st, 2015
New Project: Siege

After several consecutive client work, we are finally able to start creating our own games last month. We approached the…

Total Football Games!

Category : BlogNo Comments 路 by Jun 12th, 2014

So, in a moments, the World Cup will start.
For you who don’t know, World Cup is a small event that pit Football teams from various country in several Football matches to find who is the country with the best Football Team in the world (at least for the next 4 year).

To say we are excited, is a big understatement. You see, each of us folks at Tempa Labs have different favorite team. So each match featuring one of our favorite will end in heated and intense debate about which聽player is better, who is cheating, or if the referee have any eye-related disabilities 馃檪

Why HTML5? Our Self Reflection

Category : Blog(2) Comments 路 by May 12th, 2014

This year, we take a plunge to become HTML5 games developer (although I think the term HTML5 will disappear in a few more years as the standard stabilize and all browser adopt it. Maybe then we became… web games developer?).

We have experience modest/low success on Flash games scene, but we’re still motivated by various local developers here in Indonesia (like Toge, Agate, Mintsphere, Artlogic, etc) to continue our games development journey. As we see the business side of Flash sponsorship is waning away and the advent聽of HTML5 games licensing scene, I think this is inevitable since Adobe seem to support it’s platform even less every year…

Indonesia National Election simulation games – Coblos!!!

Category : BlogNo Comments 路 by Mar 20th, 2014

Finally, that particular year arrive again at our doorstep. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the Indonesia National Election year 馃檪
It will be held at April 9th 2014, where we choose our representative on national and regional level. Presidential Election will follow later this year.

You may have specific opinion about your current government, be it may positive or negative, and this is a chance where you can affect how the government will run for the next five years.
One thing we are sure though, we are excited to participate and choose our representative! That’s why we are building a simple HTML5 games to promote it, Coblos!!!

New Year, New Beginning

Category : BlogNo Comments 路 by Feb 2nd, 2014

It’s been a long time since I update our website.
Since our last games one year ago, we get several client projects that keeps up occupied for the rest of the year.聽Now with all that finished without any backlog, we can focus again on our own games! 馃榾
We also use this opportunity to clean up and using different wordpress theme (Workality) to better showcase our previous and current games.

Since late last year, we’ve been exploring different kinds of opportunity other than Flash, and then I stumbled upon Rich blog and learn about PhaserJS, a HTML5+Javascript games library. I have tried many different HTML5+Javascript library/framework before, but nothing is appropriate for me (for variety of reason: not updated, no documentaion, enforce specific workflow, mainly using TypeScript/CoffeScript, etc). But with PhaserJS, I think I found what I need, and it has great performance on mobile browser to boot!