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Tiled Quest, a Game Jam Entry by Doa Ibu

Category : Blog · by Aug 18th, 2015

Just after the IN.Game Festival over, we continue to attend the IN.GAME Jam. It’s 48-hours game jam event where we challenged to create new games with random themes, “Kotak” and “Petualangan” (it’s roughly means “Cube” and “Adventure” in English). At the beginning, it’s just me and my pal, Novel. Fortunately, after talking with several people on the avenue, we finally got additional member, Rosan (Undergraduate Student, Programmer) and Rino (Raion Studio, Artist), and we form new team called Doa Ibu (Mother’s Prayer).


We brainstorming for a bit to decide appropriate title and gameplay ideas, and come up with Tiled Quest, a puzzle games where user must move tiled ground around to meet specific requirement. We then design this specific gameplay around a medieval/fantasy narrative. One day, the Cube Dragon’s horde kidnapped the Square Princess, and caused the Box World to go broken. Now it’s up to you, a Rectangle Knight, to use the forbidden power of the Cursed Sword to kill the dragons and rescue the princess and save the world!

With that idea and story in mind, we make it so that the player need to collect the Cursed Sword first, kill the Cube Dragon, and then rescue the Square Princess, in that order. We also divide the level into four floating region, that composed the Box World.


We also decide to make the games using Phaser for HTML5. After that, it’s just a matter of execution. We are really fortunate because me and Rosan already have experience in using Phaser, Novel already proficient in creating interface/game component in pixel art, and Rino is talented illustrator with lots of original/interesting idea and draw style. Unfortunately for us, musician is quite rare in this type of event and we can’t get one to join us. It’s not much of a problem though, as I already have great collection of sfx from Universal Sound FX and can generate music using automatic music generator tool from cgMusic.

We really want to polish the experience as much as we can in that short period of time, so you can see that we implement lots of candy effect in the games. Screenshake, fade in/out, tween, you name it. On the other hand, we really don’t have much time to design the level, so we only have 5 puzzles to solve in the end 😀

We are humbled that the games receive great response from other game jam participant. Hopefully, we can continue to polish and complete the games, and release it to various app store. Using Cocoon.IO or node-webkit/NW.js maybe?


Meanwhile, you can check the games for free on Gamejolt here: http://gamejolt.com/games/tiled-quest/86389

Hope you like it! If you have any feedback/comment, do let us know 🙂


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