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New Project: Siege

Category : Blog · by Aug 1st, 2015

After several consecutive client work, we are finally able to start creating our own games last month.
We approached the games idea as usual, to be HTML5 games that appropriate for mobile browser audience. We also have one additional thing in mind though, we want to create a retro gameboy-era style of games with limited color pallette and pixelized look. With that as basic guideline, we finally come with a game concept: Siege!

Our games in development: SIege!

We take our lesson from several quick/simple mobile games with infinite replayability that focused on highscore, and create an arcade reflex-based games. Here, you play as a knight who need to fight and defend your castle from the incoming attack of a Gargantuan monster. Death is inevitable. It’s up to you to attack as many as possible while also avoiding various incoming attack.
Player can also collect crystal to try to unlock different Knights. Each Knight have slightly different parameter (like attack speed, jump speed, jump height, etc), so I think it will be worth it for Player to collect them all 😉

Some of the knights that player can use. There are dozen more!

Hopefully we can share more about it soon 🙂


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