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Why HTML5? Our Self Reflection

Category : Blog · by May 12th, 2014

This year, we take a plunge to become HTML5 games developer (although I think the term HTML5 will disappear in a few more years as the standard stabilize and all browser adopt it. Maybe then we became… web games developer?).

We have experience modest/low success on Flash games scene, but we’re still motivated by various local developers here in Indonesia (like Toge, Agate, Mintsphere, Artlogic, etc) to continue our games development journey. As we see the business side of Flash sponsorship is waning away and the advent of HTML5 games licensing scene, I think this is inevitable since Adobe seem to support it’s platform even less every year…

There are several internal reasons for our decision:
1. We want to play our games automatically in most (all) platform. All modern devices that have browser on them is already support HTML5 feature and it’s various standard related to gaming. Moreover, there are several tool that package your code to native app for various platform. Sometimes I get jealous with other games developer that casually play/test their games on their smartphone/tablet for other to see. Although I can do that with Flash, it’s definitely not trivial (at least not as trivial as HTML5/web games).

2. We want to quickly prototype and develop games concept that we think of. Javascript (with its supporter/naysayer), is no doubt a very flexible language. This help us to quickly prototype games concept with abandon, and then tidy it up later if needed. It really help if you are easily bored/distracted by yet another new games idea.

3. We want to learn new things. Really, after 5+ years focused on Flash development, it’s about time we learn something new. Something that we think will be useful for us in the future.  Don’t be wrong though, I still love AS3! 🙂

Even after all of that, our learning time is painfully slow in the beginning. We spend a lot of time to learn to develop HTML5 games manually and learn about various quirks/hack on each browser, while searching for available HTML5 framework/library that appropriate for us. Near the end of 2013, just as we tired on debugging our own code and testing yet again another HTML5 library, we found Phaser from PhotonStorm’s blog.

I can definitely say that the discovery of Phaser is the vital moment of our jump to HTML5 games development scene. We’re up and running to develop HTML5 games and never look back again.


(2) comments

6 years ago · Reply

I’m also currently playing with Phaser recently and I must agree that it is one of the best HTML5 game engines available right now. It’s free, easy, fast and most importantly, there is a huge community backing its development.

I’m also keeping an eye out for OpenFL. Its HTML5 target is being developed very vigorously lately. Have you tried that one?

    6 years ago · Reply

    Yes, can’t argue with that.
    I haven’t tried it again since it called HaxeNME, but I doubt I will try OpenFL. I only have limited time as it is between creating new games and learn new technology, and I rather focused on HTML5+Javascript for now 🙂

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