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Indonesia National Election simulation games – Coblos!!!

Category : Blog · by Mar 20th, 2014

Finally, that particular year arrive again at our doorstep. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the Indonesia National Election year 🙂
It will be held at April 9th 2014, where we choose our representative on national and regional level. Presidential Election will follow later this year.

You may have specific opinion about your current government, be it may positive or negative, and this is a chance where you can affect how the government will run for the next five years.
One thing we are sure though, we are excited to participate and choose our representative! That’s why we are building a simple HTML5 games to promote it, Coblos!!!


Coblos!!! is a simple simulation games where you as player need to help to place various person on their role, and ensure that the election can goes smoothly without trouble. ‘Coblos’ is an Indonesian word for ‘prick’ since we are choosing our representative by pricking their picture on the paper sheet.

We are not including any party or specific character here, but instead, we are focusing on the nature of the election, some of the organizer role, the flow, and additional useful trivia that user can share via social media.
We built it with HTML5 using the excellent PhaserJS in hope that as many people as possible can play it right from their browser, be it on their desktop or smartphone.

Play the game here: http://www.gamecoblos.com
Don’t miss the election at April 9th 2014, and we hope you enjoy playing our games 🙂


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