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New Year, New Beginning

Category : Blog · by Feb 2nd, 2014

It’s been a long time since I update our website.
Since our last games one year ago, we get several client projects that keeps up occupied for the rest of the year. Now with all that finished without any backlog, we can focus again on our own games! 😀
We also use this opportunity to clean up and using different wordpress theme (Workality) to better showcase our previous and current games.

Since late last year, we’ve been exploring different kinds of opportunity other than Flash, and then I stumbled upon Rich blog and learn about PhaserJS, a HTML5+Javascript games library. I have tried many different HTML5+Javascript library/framework before, but nothing is appropriate for me (for variety of reason: not updated, no documentaion, enforce specific workflow, mainly using TypeScript/CoffeScript, etc). But with PhaserJS, I think I found what I need, and it has great performance on mobile browser to boot!

Since learning to use it months ago, we are now creating new HTML5 games at quite rapid pace (3 days to 2 weeks max), monetize it (exclusive/non-exclusive license/ads), and continue to the next games project. For me who love to experiment with different gameplay design and easily bored (you can see that almost none of our games is similar), HTML5 games development scene is a great place to be.

Now we’re still learning Javascript and PhaserJS (you will not believe how much functionality that I recreate that always been available on PhaserJS), and hopefully I can share some beginner tutorial on our blog in the near future.
For the next step, we want to create bigger/more premium games using HTML5+Javascript, and port it using various OS (with node-webkit) and app store (CocoonJS). Wish us luck 🙂


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